CRITICALE is a premium Portuguese based brand for men and women established in 2017 by Jerry Stefan. The brand specializes in footwear design and was founded as an alternative to overpriced high quality sneakers.

Our mission is to provide to our customers ethically made products, hand assembled with luxury materials and sold at accessible price points. We only produce micro collections to help protect the environment . 

Defining the intersection between meticulous craftmanship and the world of hiphop, sports and street culture, our products are handmade in Portugal using luxury materials and traditional methods of production. We draw inspiration from the past taking nostalgic references and merge that with modern processes. The brand stands for quality, innovation and style, launching elevated sneakers as casual collections.

´´ With a background in the music industry I used to travel the world as a background dancer for various musical artists. I would spend a lot of time in places like Paris, London, Milan and around different cultures therefore this high fashion DNA got stuck with me. So when I decided to stop performing I needed to fill a creative gap in my life. Beyond my personal reasons, in my trips around the world I saw the lack of high quality shoes at accessible price and I had to change that.´´ - Jerry Stefan , Founder and Creative director.

CRITICALE is independently owned.